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Estate Administration / Settlement

Estate Administration/Settlement

Knowing that family members and loved ones are taken care of in times of crisis can serve as a tremendous source of calm and satisfaction. When a client of Aevitas Law passes from this life to the next, we feel it is essential to have them move on with peace of mind that their wishes will be followed and that their legacy will live on.

By allowing our team to handle the settlement and administration of your estate, you are helping to ensure that your family and friends can focus on other important matters after you have passed. Entrusting Aevitas Law with such an important process means that you are entrusting us with your life’s work, and we do not take such a responsibility lightly. We face this critical task head-on, assisting our clients with matters related to the transfer of assets in a most prudent and efficient manner to minimize the cost and delay of probate and/or trust administration.

Aevitas Law offers probate guidance and coordination as well as inheritance tax management services, both of which help to better carry out your wishes after death. By constructing a solid plan, Aevitas can assure all of our estate administration and settlement clients that everything they want to happen will indeed happen.

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Your family’s future is our number one priority, and we want to help you secure your legacy to them. For more information on how we can help you set up a sound estate administration and settlement plan, please call (717) 723-9160, or email us at [email protected].