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Charitable Planning

Charitable Planning

How does one leave a lasting legacy?

At Aevitas Law, we feel it is important to recognize exactly what makes our clients who they are. To help different men and women plan their legacy, we need to understand their minds and their hearts, and a great way for us to do this is by learning about the various organizations they have supported in their lifetimes.

Working with individuals who want to provide for charities that support their beliefs after they pass is important to our team, because of what such giving means to our society. As such, we specialize in using instruments that give clients the opportunity to structure their plans so that they leave a lasting legacy with the charities and non-profits of their choice, as well as their families.

Here are just a few traits that people are using regularly today:

  • DAFs: Donor-advised funds have recently become an important vehicle for charitable giving. DAFs allow donors to make charitable contributions while receiving immediate tax reduction benefits. Additionally, they allow the donor to recommend grants from the fund over time. This allows the donation to be as effective as possible, while still being one of the easiest and tax-advantageous ways to support a favorite charity.
  • Bargain sales: Bargain sales are sales of goods or services to a charitable organization at a lower-than-market-value cost. Often used by those who wish to make specific, non-cash donations, bargain sales are a great way to give to a good cause while still receiving favorable tax treatment.
  • Split-interest trusts: Trusts are a smart way for people to hold assets on behalf of a beneficiary. Benefits of split-interest trusts can include income for life, immediate tax benefits, a countless number of different arrangement possibilities, fewer taxes paid, and, most importantly, protection of your estate and legacy.

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Charitable planning is essential for anyone wishing to keep giving to organizations that hold their same beliefs once they pass. For more information on how we can provide you with tax analysis services and/or the formation of legacy tools, please call (717) 723-9160, or email us at [email protected].


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